Free Classes and Meditations

Yoga Sessions

Guided Meditations

Warm Up

Begin your asana sessions here with a gentle stretch

10 minutes

Gentle Daily Flow

A gentle session for any time of the day

20 minutes

Dynamic Vinyasa

A stronger Ashtanga flow, building heat and strength

45 minutes

Relax and Breathe

Move, breathe and release tension

35 minutes

Chakra Meditation

Balance and rejuvenate

27 minutes

Healing Light Meditation

Purify and Calm

13 minutes

Nature Meditation

Connect and reset

13 minutes

Yoga Nidra "Sleep Yoga"

Heal and relax

31 minutes

00:00 / 13:28
00:00 / 26:45
00:00 / 13:32
00:00 / 30:55
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