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Client Reviews of Rachel's Classes...

"It's the best yoga I've done. I feel sure I was meant to come to Dartmouth first on my travels. I feel entirely at peace after just three weeks. The fact that I was able to do seven yoga classes with you is a gift to me. I feel my body strengthening every day and the classes helped realign my body. I'm going to be comparing all yoga classes to yours in future, for certain. 
A heartfelt thank you again."
- Gina

"I love Rachel's yoga! A strong yet gentle practice, with tailored adaptations so all abilities can do it and get the most out of it. And so relaxing my mind goes to such a lovely place. Rachel is so authentic and highly professional in both her knowledge base and her approach. 

Highly recommend!"

- Tara

"Rachel has all the qualities one would hope for a great yoga teacher, she is kind and very professional. Her classes are very clear, nicely paced and safe, and her kind approach ensures everyone feels comfortable practicing at their own pace."

- Carla

"Rachel is an incredible teacher with a beautiful aura. She radiates calmness, kindness, and understanding. Her voice resonates with a quiet authority and her movements emanate peace while her presence gives space for people to be who they are without judgment. She is a person from whom yoga flows organically, making her a natural and skilled teacher.
I would highly recommend her classes - any of them - to any aspiring or practicing yogis, especially those who are interested in learning from a person who embodies the ancient wisdom of yoga." 

"My one-to-one yoga sessions with Rachel have enabled me to work much deeper within my own practice. Rachel teaches with sensitivity and a generous spirit and created a haven where you feel empowered and supported to open up and create space within. I highly recommend a one-to-one session with Rachel to gain the most from your practice."

- Louise

"I have to say we found living in Dartmouth quite a challenge... but you kept me sane, your classes were wonderful and I shall truly miss coming to you on a Wednesday lunchtime."

- Dawn

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