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Rachel Trevallion


Traditionally trained in Ashtanga Yoga, my training comes from the Himalaya and Mysore traditions and is recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals, of which I am a full member.

I offer Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa flow yoga with Iyengar alignment. The Asana (posture) sequences I teach are based on the traditional Ashtanga Series'. Each class has a gentle focus on holistic well-being such as Yoga for Well-Being or Yoga for Rejuvenation.

Each group and one-to-one session is open to every level of experience; whether this is your first time stepping on to a yoga mat, or whether you have a well established personal practice they are sequenced to include you.

My personal yoga and meditation practice spans the last thirty years. More recently I have found it immensely valuable in both recovering from burnout and managing stress. Having worked in corporate, business roles I fully appreciate the impact that stress has on every aspect of our bodies and beings. 


I am passionate about sharing simple, accessible practices that support us to create balance and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

Class venues include Harbour House in Kingsbridge, The Flavel Arts Centre in Dartmouth and locations throughout the South Hams, South Devon. Please contact Rachel or follow the link below for more information on session details, times and locations.

In the sessions together we will be connecting to our body and breath, bringing our awareness inwards. 

Resting our minds, letting-go, lengthening, strengthening and generating a profound sense of well being.

Welcoming wellness into body and soul.




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"Rachel is an incredible teacher with a beautiful aura. She radiates calmness, kindness, and understanding. Her voice resonates with a quiet authority and her movements emanate peace while her presence gives space for people to be who they are without judgment. She is a person from whom yoga flows organically, making her a natural and skilled teacher.
I would highly recommend her classes - any of them - to any aspiring or practicing yogis, especially those who are interested in learning from a person who embodies the ancient wisdom of yoga."

John Swenson - Yoga Instructor

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