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Making Aspirations a Possibility...

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Sometimes it's easy to stand in our own way. The mind spins us stories, convincing stories based on our fears. They act as a barrier between us and our alignment with our soul purpose or our most heartfelt aspirations. Bless them, these mind stories serve a purpose - to protect us from our vulnerability. They want to keep us safe, yet they keep us standing in our own way.

What to do?

Breathe. Take a long deep breath.

Connect with your inner self, the love that you are, your hearts' desire. Re-connect with your aspirations and simply notice the doubts, fears and judgements drift by like clouds in a vast blue sky, allowing them to be without investing in them.

Keep breathing, keep connecting inwards.

Step out of your own way, take the leap of faith, you can do this; remember your aspirations are your possibilities.


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